Covid 19



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To our valued clients, partners and friends,

I appreciate you would be receiving and consuming a lot of information regarding COVID-19 at the moment.  However, I think it’s extremely important you are aware of the changes we have put in place to ensure the safety of you, your family and your property.


Digitally Driven and Data Safe

Firstly, the commitment we made years ago to be a leader in the adoption of technology has resulted in zero disruption to our ability to provide outstanding service to our clients.  This has enabled our focus to remain 100% on service delivery not scurrying for IT solutions during such a disruptive time.

Secondly, this investment in IT will ensure your property’s data is safely stored and able to be accessed regardless of disruptions. The property owner’s portal continues to be a safe, secure location to store all important information about your property.


Landlord Insurance – It’s Not Too Late

We have been in regular contact with the two major providers of Landlord Insurance, EBM RentCover and SGUA.  Both have confirmed that loss of rent due to effects of COVD-19 is covered under their respective policies. 

Their statements can be found on their respective website:

EBM RentCover


If you do not have a Landlord Insurance Policy in place, the great news is it’s not too late.  For only $285 a year you can activate a policy and receive immediate cover. Please contact either of the insurance companies to discuss your cover or contact your Jones and Co Property Managers Karine O’Neil or Jayde Goso on 9377 3336.

EDM RentCover - 1800 661 662

SGUA - 1800 355 559


Business as Usual, But With a Twist

Prior to the arrival of COVID-19 to our shores, the Perth property market was showing signs of significant improvement with very short time on market, achieving or exceeding asking prices, lower stock levels and large attendance numbers at home opens.

I’m proud to say we had 12 home opens last weekend with an average of 2.2 people through each open. Although there will be disruption, there are still people who need to buy a home and likewise people who need to sell their home.

Whichever is your goal, we are committed to helping you achieve it through an innovative and flexible approach.


How We Can Sell Your Property Right Now

Off Market Campaigns

We have a large database of active buyers we can approach on your behalf.  No home opens and no advertising expenditure required.  If you need to sell your property, there are people who need to buy.  Please talk to us about how we can make this happen for you.


By Appointment Only

Complying with the Government’s new directive, home opens will be limited to one group at a time. Plus, there is a pre-screening process in place for any person visiting your property.


Virtual Home Opens

Tour any of our properties from the comfort of your lounge roomsmiley  Utilising readily available technology, your Jones & Co Property Consultant can take you for a guided, personal tour of the property.  You’ll have the ability to ask the consultant questions as you ‘walk and talk’ through the property. Please speak to your Jones and Co Sales Property Consultant to arrange this - 9377 3336 or


Online Inspections

We have been working hard to ensure there is a comprehensive video walk through for all of our listed properties.  You’ll find these videos under the individual property listing on our website.  If you have any questions or would then like to then arrange a closed private viewing, please talk to the Jones & Co Property Consultant looking after the property.


Online Auction

Jones and Co Property have been using the online platform ‘Open Negotiation’ for the last 2 years.  Over this time, we have managed many highly successful online auctions.  We have had a tremendous amount of enquiry the last week for this service.  If you’d like to discuss this strategy for your property please contact us 9377 3336 or


Commitment to Hygiene and Cleanliness

As of last week, we implemented strict procedures at our office and property inspections.

I have asked all of our team to refrain from handshakes and just provide wonderful service instead smiley

Sanitiser is readily available at all properties along with clear signage providing everyone with easy to follow advice around what to do.

We have also implemented a guest registry for all home opens to provide peace of mind for everyone.


Our Office & You

We do ask that you refrain from visiting our office without prior arrangement.  This request does not sit well with us as we love how our office has become such a focal point in our community.  We love discussing anything property or just a chat about what’s new in your life.  However, we are taking the situation very seriously and following all Government advice.  As much as the way we interact has changed the one thing we don’t want to stop is our interacting with you, our valued clients.  It’s just taken on a different form as we work through this together. 

We’d still love to chat about your property so don’t hesitate to call us, email us, text us, DM us or Facetime, Zoom or Skype us 


This is Only Temporary

Please remember what we are experiencing both emotionally, financially, and physically is temporary.  Our Government, Banks and the RBA have acted quickly to ensure the damage is minimised as much as possible.  With record low interest rates and the movement of the property market prior to COVID-19 arriving in Australia, economists are predicting a fast and strong recovery to the Australian property market and broader economy.  


Useful Links

There is so much information and mis-information available regarding COVID-19.  We are in constant contact with our industry body, insurance companies and Government departments to ensure we are armed with only the facts.

We will share any updates through our social media channels. If you don’t already, please follow us on:




I apologise for the length of this announcement; however, we have been doing a tremendous amount of work as a team to ensure we will continue to provide you with the exceptional service you’ve come to expect from Jones & Co Property.

If you would like to discuss any matter in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact myself direct or any of our wonderful team.

Take care




Kelly Jones

Phone:  9377 3336