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Getting your home Spring ready for market

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Spring is regarded by many as the optimum time to put your property on the market. Buyers emerge into the warmer weather, the days are longer and gardens are looking their very best.

Jones and Co. director Kelly Jones said vendors thinking about a Spring listing needed to start preparing their properties for sale now to guarantee the price they deserved.

But Kelly said often homeowners spent money on things that buyers placed no value on.

She said it was important to plan and discuss strategy with experienced agents to achieve a successful sale.

“Make sure you do your research on the best agents on your area,” Kelly said. “Local knowledge of lifestyle and market conditions always directly impacts on the result.

“This can be an emotional and stressful period so you need to settle on an agent who will make you aware of all the pitfalls and give you the best possible advice for getting your home ready for sale.”

Here are 10 simple checks that the team at Jones and Co. recommends for people preparing their properties for market.

  1. Make sure the property is neat, tidy and decluttered. Buyers need to see potential, not boxes of junk and piles of ironing.
  2. Too much furniture will make your rooms feel smaller so space it out, or even put some into storage. Remove heavy curtains so the room doesn’t feel dark and dreary and make sure blinds and windows are washed. Removing the flyscreens during home opens will also brighten up the interior considerably.
  3. Remove all appliances from the benches, and replace with a bowl of seasonal fruit.
  4. Make sure that your sheets and towels are neutral and conventional. Satin quilts covered in roses are not everyone’s cup of tea.
  5. Eliminate all nasty bathroom and kitchen smells as well as evidence of pets. Dog beds and cat scratching posts should be well hidden. Make sure rubbish bins are emptied and council bins are out of sight and devoid of odours. Steam clean your carpets. Finish off by placing a vase of flowers near your entrance and a candle in your bathroom.
  6. Mow the lawn, trim the edges, prune and mulch the garden, high pressure-hose the pavers or driveway.
  7. Consider using a professional stylist or property stager. The can be a good investment, particularly for a home open, because it gives buyers an idea of your home’s potential. Small touches can cost as little as $250, but generally property styling costs start about $3000 for a small apartment and about $8000 for a family home. Costs depend on size, location and how much furniture is required.
  8. Complete any outstanding maintenance or repairs that might detract from the sale price. There’s nothing worse than a loose door handle or a dripping tap at a home open!
  9. When you’re done, invite your mother-in-law over to give it the once over. Tell her not to hold back.
  10. 10. Listen to your agent. They’ve done this before and will have plenty of advice to share.

For more information preparing your property for sale call the team at Jones and Co. 9377 3336 or email the latest property market updates and listings for your neighbourhood.
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