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Why January is set to smash Perth property records!

January has always been one of the busiest times of the year for people buying, selling, or renting property. And according to figures just released by, 476 million views of properties for sale are expected this summer, a massive increase of 39% compared to this time last year. More people at home January hasContinue reading “Why January is set to smash Perth property records!”

Property Report – September 2021

Herron Todd White’s September property round-up has just been released. As always the most highly anticipated part of the report is where we sit on the property clock! For both houses and units Perth is still considered a rising market.  Hence regardless if you are looking to buy or sell now is still considered aContinue reading “Property Report – September 2021”

Property Report – April 2021

Herron Todd White’s monthly property round-up has just been released. As you could image all the numbers reflect what we are all seeing and hearing in Perth – the market is running hot hot hot! Although these times may be reminiscent of the boom times we experienced in the early to mid 2000’s, Perth isContinue reading “Property Report – April 2021”

Rental moratorium: Where are we at?

With just over three months until Western Australia emerges from its rental moratorium, landlords are being urged to turn their attention to what they need to do to prepare. The moratorium, which ends on March 28, was introduced by the State Government to stop tenants from being dumped onto the rental market during the pandemic.Continue reading “Rental moratorium: Where are we at?”