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Why January is set to smash Perth property records!

January has always been one of the busiest times of the year for people buying, selling, or renting property. And according to figures just released by, 476 million views of properties for sale are expected this summer, a massive increase of 39% compared to this time last year. More people at home January hasContinue reading “Why January is set to smash Perth property records!”

Property Report – September 2021

Herron Todd White’s September property round-up has just been released. As always the most highly anticipated part of the report is where we sit on the property clock! For both houses and units Perth is still considered a rising market.  Hence regardless if you are looking to buy or sell now is still considered aContinue reading “Property Report – September 2021”

Property Report – April 2021

Herron Todd White’s monthly property round-up has just been released. As you could image all the numbers reflect what we are all seeing and hearing in Perth – the market is running hot hot hot! Although these times may be reminiscent of the boom times we experienced in the early to mid 2000’s, Perth isContinue reading “Property Report – April 2021”

Rental moratorium: Where are we at?

With just over three months until Western Australia emerges from its rental moratorium, landlords are being urged to turn their attention to what they need to do to prepare. The moratorium, which ends on March 28, was introduced by the State Government to stop tenants from being dumped onto the rental market during the pandemic.Continue reading “Rental moratorium: Where are we at?”

Holiday security tips landlords

There’s no time like Christmas and the summer holidays to make sure security is in order at your rental, says Jones and Co director Kelly Jones. In Western Australia, landlords are responsible for ensuring a minimum level of security is in place, so reminding tenants of their obligations is also advisable at this time ofContinue reading “Holiday security tips landlords”

Cultural coup for thriving Alkimos

A collection of about 20 naturally formed limestone pinnacles will be preserved at Alkimos. And they are so culturally significant that the State Government is working to revise development plans for the Yanchep Rail Extension to ensure Romeo Road is realigned to avoid the significant discovery. Noongar leaders have confirmed the pinnacles, which have notContinue reading “Cultural coup for thriving Alkimos”

Renewed calls for stamp duty reform

Low interest rates and a stable pandemic environment means Western Australia is experiencing one of the strongest real estate markets in the country. But, according to Jones and Co director Kelly Jones, the market could be even more buoyant if the stamp duty barriers weren’t so prohibitive. “We meet many locals who would appreciate the chance toContinue reading “Renewed calls for stamp duty reform”

Property market set for open border influx

With the borders now open, there’s no festive lull in sight for the Perth property market. Jones and Co director Kelly Jones said her team was preparing for the market influx and a significant pressure on prices over the next six months. “And WA’s border opening up also means there’s potentially even more people inContinue reading “Property market set for open border influx”

Strong growth forecast for property in 2021

WA’s property market is expected to experience steady growth in 2021 in both rental and sales markets, according to the Real Estate Institute of WA. REIWA 2021 Outlook figures released today indicate Perth rents are forecast to increase 10-15 per cent next year and house prices 6-10 per cent because of strong demand, record lowContinue reading “Strong growth forecast for property in 2021”

How to switch from tenant to homeowner

With interest rates at record lows and fierce competition for rental properties, many long-term tenants are thinking the time is right to take the homeownership plunge. Jones and Co director Kelly Jones said she was finding an increasing number of tenants were comparing what they were currently spending on rent with mortgage repayments and wereContinue reading “How to switch from tenant to homeowner”