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Why January is set to smash Perth property records!

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January has always been one of the busiest times of the year for people buying, selling, or renting property.

And according to figures just released by, 476 million views of properties for sale are expected this summer, a massive increase of 39% compared to this time last year.

More people at home

January has always been the most popular time of the year for us to take a break from work.  More often than not both partners are off at the same time, life slows down as we disconnect from the day-to-day grind of juggling work, school, sports and everything else in between.

We are all a little more relaxed, so we have both the time and the energy to devote to searching for that new home.

New Year’s resolutions

We all make the standard new year’s resolutions; ‘get fit, stop smoking, cut down on the booze, change jobs’, that tend to last for 3 days!  However, research shows this is the time of the year we take the time to reflect and make the big decisions in our life.  And buying a new home is one of those big decisions.

The COVID effect

With travel restrictions still in place Perth won’t have the usual exodus of people heading interstate or overseas to celebrate the festive season.  As there is only so much accommodation down south the numbers of people staying at home this January season will never been seen again.

The numbers don’t lie

We have all watched the Perth property market enjoy huge growth in 2021.  House prices are back to boom time levels, on market times and homes listings numbers are at record lows. are predicting there will be 68% more enquires on properties for sale compared to this time last year.  This coupled with an average search time of 8 minutes means Australians have never been so active in their hunt for a new home.

Buying or Selling – Just be prepared!

With so many people active in market it is really a fantastic time to list your property.  And likewise, there is no reason not to be looking for that new home.  All predictions are for 2022 to be another year of very strong growth for Perth property.  We are home to some of the country’s most affordable real estate that has still not enjoyed the levels of growth property on the east coast has.

But the same principal applies to whether you are buying or selling – be prepared!

Talk to your local agent who knows your neighbourhood, they are having conversations daily with buyers and sellers in your area.  They will be able to provide you with advice regarding a sales strategy that is going to achieve the best result for you.  Sometimes this is more about an extended settlement time than just the highest price.

And with a record number of homes being sold off market it is integral you have a chat with your local agent about the type of property you are looking for so they can contact you as soon as a matching property hits the market.

Happy hunting!

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