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Our Difference

Our team is committed to understanding your reason for selling, buying, leasing or developing. Your ‘why’ matters to us and will influence our recommended course of action. We know this is a massive financial and emotional commitment for you and we absolutely pledge our full attention, toil and devotion to the task you entrust with us.

Jones and Co’s unique selling proposition is service without the bluster and we work as a team to always achieve the desired result for YOU.

Our People

Our roots are in the community. YOUR community. Every member of our team is dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for you and your property.

We are massively focused on the training and development and our people are fully committed to the values of Jones and Co and the residents in our patch.

Employ local. Support local.

United we are a strong and highly skilled force working towards the single goal of a positive and lucrative outcome for you, the customer.


Our data-driven marketing platform means your property gets in front of the right prospects quicker. This makes for a speedier process and far more expedient experience for you.

Often this marketing technology finds a buyer before they even know they’re looking. It finds those potential buyers who have displayed the “right signals” and targets them with advertisements on Google, Facebook and Instagram and other platforms where they spend most of the time. The program constantly recalibrates to generate more interest, leading to a faster sale at a higher price. Additionally, you will receive a full report indicating how many views and enquiries you have had directed to your property.

As well as advertising your property on realestate.com.au and its exposure to 6.6 million visitors a month, Jones and Co is active on Domain and REIWA sites. We also host virtual tours of our listings on our website to ensure “hot buyers” only progress to home opens. This means a safe and more efficient experience for you at all stages of the process. And with a database of more than 5000 active buyers we know exactly who to target to achieve the best results for all parties.


Our Technology

Jones and Co is a national industry leader in technology, seamlessly embracing Cloud-based operations to enable our people to work for you anywhere, anytime.

All our processes are rigorously tested to ensure client communication is regular and all deadlines are met. This streamlined and uninterrupted procedure means a quicker result for YOU.

Our Just Cause

The team at Jones and Co wants to create an environment where we can shape futures, not only for our communities and families, but for all our people. 

Jones and Co has a purpose beyond just making money. We want to use our company to advance something bigger. Making money is the fuel to pursue our Just Cause.

We embrace a Just Cause because it very clearly shares our vision with you and our other clients. We believe it is everyone’s fundamental right to have a home and we consider it a privilege to help people realise their “white picket fence” dreams.

Our Just Cause is a statement of who we are — the sum total of our values and beliefs. It’s about the future. It defines where we are going. It describes the world we hope to live in and the sacrifices we are willing to commit to help build it.

Jones and Co’s Just Cause:

  • We are affirmative and optimistic about what we stand for.
  • We are inclusive and always open to all those that would like to contribute. 
  • We are service-orientated and here for the primary benefit of others.
  • We are resilient and able to endure political, technological and cultural change.
  • We are idealistic and remain bold and determined to achieve the unachievable.
We are a purpose-driven business with infinite-minded leaders willing to challenge the property world’s accepted norms. We will also put people before profits. This is how Jones and Co does business differently.

Our History

Jones and Co has been part of the community’s diverse and vibrant fabric for more than two decades.

Providing assistance on real estate and property management, lending support to community projects and helping locals reach their potential is all part of the Jones and Co commitment.

As a new wave of homeowners settle into the area and long-term residents and local businesses are thrown fresh challenges, the team at Jones and Co are looking at new ways of reinvigorating our much-loved suburbs.


Our Values

At Jones & Co, we don’t just say it. We live by it.

Our team of committed, compassionate professionals embrace the following core values:


It’s our mission to facilitate growth and opportunity for the people we service. We know our community and we know exactly what it is they are looking for. We always make decisions and act in the best interests of our clients.


Together we are a strong, resourceful and knowledgeable force. It’s this working together towards a common goal that makes a positive difference to our culture and our success. Achieving goals means positive outcomes for our clients. After all, this is about YOU, the customer.


The high level of service today is the same high level we strive to achieve each and every time. We will deliver only excellence and aim to exceed expectations in everything we do, always acting expeditiously to meet the needs of our customers.

Realising Potential

We are all committed to never settling for anything less than exceptional. We are not courageous without vulnerability but we acknowledge that we can achieve anything for our clients if we run collaboratively towards hurdles. By knowing our neighbourhoods inside and out we can help build better communities. Growing our people makes anything possible.

Progressive Learners

Every member of the Jones and Co team embraces a willingness to embrace change and adapt to the most challenging of situations. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards and always strive to do better each and every day. We are committed to never stop learning to ensure the future we create is better than the past. We all acknowledge that a progressive growth mindset will always interpret challenging situations as learning opportunities, therefore cultivating a successful pathway.


A healthy body means a healthy mind. This healthy balance means healthy results for customers. Our team embraces wellness and know this positive engagement, energy, and vitality are the lifeblood of Jones and Co.

One Way Street

At Jones and Co we are 100% focused on client outcomes. This means we are strongly aligned and all focused on the end game. We are all driving in the same direction and not up a ‘One Way Street’.

Our Founder

Kelly Jones

For more than two decades Kelly has cultivated a business culture of integrity, learning, teamwork and fun.

Her unique and award-winning corporate style and passion for Real Estate organically evolved from her first house purchase.

“I love matching clients with homes so they can get on with the business of making new memories,” she says. “Helping people create their life stories is such an honour.”

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