Hannah Jones

Property Manager Associate


The Property Professional 

  • I have been working in the property industry for 3 years
  • After completing my traineeship I was promoted to the role of Assistant Property Manager
  • I have completed a Certificate 3 Business and Certificate 4 Property Services.


  • I pride myself on always having a polite and friendly demeanour
  • I believe it’s important to always be viewed as approachable by our tenants, clients and contractors
  • Working in such a fast paced environment I find my positive outlook enables me to handle the pressures and demands of the role

Person behind the professional

  • On the weekend I love going out dancing with my friends
  • My partner and I are both avid foodies so are always looking out for the next venue to try
  • I am strong minded and stand up for my beliefs 

Inspirational quote

“Not only am I good enough, I am more than enough” – 

Angela Bassett

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