Is your career falling below the curve?​

The evolving COVID crisis has presented the real estate industry with unprecedented challenges.

While this global emergency has exposed many real estate and property management businesses as underprepared and vulnerable, here at Jones and Co our strategic investment in systems and technology, as well as the ongoing professional and personal development of our people, have enabled us to make a seamless market transition. 

Our structure is solid and our culture unwavering so our team is resolute in its determination and ability to meet new industry challenges head-on. This means we have never been busier and are now in the enviable position of looking for more high-performing people to join our pre-eminent team.  If you feel stuck or trapped in your current role and want to work in an environment invested in your personal and professional growth, then let’s talk. This could be the challenge you’ve been searching for.

How you know Jones & Co is right for you

  • If you want to be great
  • Know how to get yourself back on track
  • Do your call sessions
  • Know how the leads are coming in 
  • Know where your strengths are and how to optimize them
  • Get on the the ground and get out there - Show up
  • Know where your strengths are and how to optimize them
  • If your employer can not get you where you need to be in the next 5 years, speak to us...

Our Technology

Jones and Co is a national industry leader in technology, seamlessly embracing Cloud-based operations to enable our people to work for you anywhere, anytime.

All our processes are rigorously tested to ensure client communication is regular and all deadlines are met. This streamlined and uninterrupted procedure means a quicker result for YOU.


Our data-driven marketing platform means our client’s property gets in front of the right prospects quicker. This makes for a speedier process and far more expedient experience.

Often this marketing technology finds a buyer before they even know they’re looking! It finds those potential buyers who have displayed the “right signals” and targets them with advertisements on Google, Facebook and Instagram and other platforms where they spend most of the time. The program constantly recalibrates to generate more interest, leading to a faster sale at a higher price. Additionally, clients receive a full report indicating how many views and enquiries they’ve have had directed to their property.

As well as advertising their property on realestate.com.au and its exposure to 6.6 million visitors a month, Jones and Co is active on Domain and REIWA sites. We also host virtual tours of our listings on our website to ensure “hot buyers” only progress to home opens. This means a safe and more efficient experience for you at all stages of the process. And with a database of more than 5000 active buyers we know exactly who to target to achieve the best results for all parties.


The chance to make a difference

At Jones and Co we want an environment where we can shape futures, not only for our communities and families, but for all our people. 

We are a purpose-driven business with infinite-minded leaders willing to challenge the property world’s accepted norms. We put people first, not only inside of our business but in our community. This is how Jones and Co does business differently.

Jones and Co has a purpose beyond average, if you want to be great, if you want to work with a company that will get you to where you want to be in the next 5 year, then  we welcome those people who share our vision, our values, our beliefs and our just cause.

What makes us different

Open Source Selling

We have successfully implemented a system that enables our people to play to their strengths.

When you’re part of the Jones and Co alliance, you will be rewarded additionally for either listing a property, managing the client’s journey or selling the home or listing a property management.  You can even do it all!  This strategy delivers a quicker result for our clients which ultimately means more listing opportunities for the office. Our “team first” culture has been crucial to ensuring the success of this game plan.

Selling Agency of Choice

We have built a reputation for delivering results across our neighbourhoods.  We are trusted, respected and appreciated for our property and client matching services and our determination for results. This dedication to task is how we build lasting relationships with our clients.  And this process, results in consistent viable sales leads for every member of our team. 

Jones and Co has invested heavily in brand development. Our brand is unique and local to every area and gives us a clear advantage in our ability to market expeditiously. 

This community and its market is always evolving and forever offering opportunities. 
We deal with real people with real intentions. Real people who need real people to help them on their real estate journey.

Work Smarter Not Harder

This mantra drives our systems and processes. Jones and Co doesn’t want you working 10 hour days. 

We want you focused on income-generation tasks which still leave you me-time for family, friends and lifestyle. Its alot less taxing to get paid on results.

No.1 Adopter of Technology in Australia

It’s a claim we can confidently quantify.  Tech is at the core of everything we do.  Our listings, our use of AI to identify clients, our marketing campaigns and a system that extensively uses social platforms and Google to pinpoint relevant clients.

And clients love our ability to use workflow-enhancing app-stack software to create detailed property appraisals and proposals in just a few minutes.

In-House Buyers Agent

Using the most advanced AI software available, we are able to identify buyers quicker and more effectively than any other agency in WA. 

Our In-house Buyers Agent works with our Sales Consultants to target the most suitable buyer.

This technology has also increased the appetite for off-market listings which means inconvenient home opens are no longer necessary. ‘Just conversations with qualified and motivated buyers’ is the Jones and Co way.

Personal and Professional Development

We genuinely care for the mental and physical wellbeing of all our people. Jones and Co wants your mind and body to be at its healthiest.
We support our people with fully-funded personal and professional development programs to enable you to turn your vision into goals and your goals into success.

For a confidential discussion or an after hours private demonstration and walk through of our systems and approach, please contact Kelly Jones direct kellyjones@jonesandcoproperty.com.au or 0413 147 393.

Open Positions

Can’t see a role for you?

We are always looking for passionate property people to join our talented team. Please click the below to leave your details and we will be in touch as soon an opportunity arises.

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