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Property Report – April 2021

Property Report – April 2021

Herron Todd White’s monthly property round-up has just been released.

As you could image all the numbers reflect what we are all seeing and hearing in Perth – the market is running hot hot hot!

Although these times may be reminiscent of the boom times we experienced in the early to mid 2000’s, Perth is still the most affordable capital city with a median house price of just $495,000.  With such a low entry to market compared with the rest of the country, continued growth is predicted as first home buyers are still active and generating activity that drives the rest of the market.

The rental crisis in Perth continues with vacancy rates at 0.8% and rents up by over 10% since June 2020.  Savvy renters are giving up on the elusive and tiring rental hunt and taking advantage of low interest rates to capitalise on our still low median house price.

Please click here for a full copy of the report.

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