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Coastal Waters

A unique blend of old and new

Jones and Co property

The confluence of old and new is what makes Yanchep so unique.

This special blend was the clincher for Jones and Co Director Kelly Jones when she was deciding where to establish he next agency.

With strong family ties to the area since the 1960s, and now a local property owner, Kelly says the Yanchep vibe make her feel like she’s come home.

Walking her pet Labradors at the dog beach gives Kelly time to reflect on her teenage years in Yanchep.

It was her grandparents that first started the Jones’ northern suburban love affair.

“I remember those amazing days at Dizzy Lamb Park,” she said. “It was like a fairy tale come to life. It certainly ignited the community, with an endless supply of fairy floss, strobe lights on the bumper cars and gigantic statues.”

When Kelly’s Grandfather Bill Jones passed away, her Grandmother Hester continued to live in Yanchep.

“As a child I never really understood the significance of this extraordinary location, living directly on the beachfront,” she said. “Running down the sand dunes to the water and hitting the surf, exploring the reef. When we stayed here during school holidays it was truly memorable.

“Time was seamless as we explored the bush and picnicked at the Lagoon. Our family loved the water, so spending the day by the beach was as good as it gets.

“We learned the patience of fishing and boating in the local area and were curious to explore as much as possible. Back then you could even ride your horse along the beach.”

Kelly says she’s keen for Jones and Co to help bring the right people to Yanchep to ensure more residents can experience Yanchep’s unique flavour.

“People here are very proud of their community,” she said. “Yanchep is really a place that everyone can call home.”

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